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Lakhan Mittal

I took on this course as a means of obtaining a recognised qualification as well as a way of getting back into some form of formal study. The work can be done as time permits but with timeframes in place it still calls for commitment and time management. Support is excellent and questions are answered very quickly providing advice and clarifying any uncertainties that may crop up. The course is a great way of getting the mind working and at the same time developing skills that can be put into practise immediately either at work or in private endeavours. I recommend it as a way of gaining management skills or consolidating ones already learnt and is perfect for those operating or planning to operate their own business.


Corriena Rastkar

There is so much more you achieve when studying through Cornerstone than just a certificate. You gain knowledge, confidence and for me the best part was finally realising what I want to achieve with my career. I highly recommend this course to anyone whether you have experience or not, this course is great for everybody! I would like to thank everyone from Cornerstone especially Karen, you have all helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough!

Mr. Chandan Singhania

Having only had on the job experience during my career and no formal qualification, I was interested to know if I had the ability to actually study and work at the same time. Cornerstone Education has been a great way to achieve this and I was impressed with the efficient and professional way in which the course was delivered. I found the assignments challenging and informative, with a lot of variety to keep you on your toes and it was a real encouragement and confidence builder when i achieved top marks throughout the paper. Very pleased that I have achieved this and it has inspired me to keep learning.


Mr. Avik Sen

Codecademy has nailed down the testimonials section of their website, which they call "Codecademy Stories." They've even included a few customer quotes (along with pictures, names, and locations) right on their homepage above a link to the testimonial page.

Robert Howard, CEO