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Searching for Ad, Branding & Digital Marketing Companies in Siliguri?


There are absolute benefits waiting in line for companies that prefer ‘Be the Bee’ over ad agencies in Siliguri. Primarily by hiring us,a business can enjoy greater freedoms during every stage of their work.

A Better Advertising Agency than Siliguri?

Our work is a lot simpler yet effective than most ad agencies of Siliguri. We take to utilize the full potential and expertise of our employees. When we work, it encompasses the following fields of advertising, digital marketing and branding. We are solely driven by the success of our clients.

Why Some Businesses Face Loss?

There are companies which stay away from hiring us or any other digital marketing agencies of Siliguri. The reason they put forward is, that they are ending up saving money in terms of agency fees. But in actuality, we as an agency help companies by being selective in choosing campaigns and media channels. The wastage of finances is minimal with our involvement.


How we are Actually of Help?

1. We as an agency, surely have a lot of help on offer than a client’s own team. Our in-house team can provide a specialist approach to work. Marketing plans for businesses have better execution as a result of this.

2. We offer a variable choice of objectives. We always end up helping client companies to fulfill their marketing objectives by choosing selectively.

3. We score over other Digital agencies of Siliguri by helping bring down the expenses for a client. We as an agency always go for the best and the cheapest deal that is available in the market. With the ensuring competition, the advertising rates are low. Thus low media rates become easily negotiable for a company through the involvement of us over that of a marketing agency Siliguri.

4. Unlike Advertising agencies of Siliguri, we are never under pressure to sell our ideas. We know very well, that every idea of ours may not be suitable for a client company. The primary motive of agencies like us is, to shell out select ideas that can help a client company in selling their products.


Why Should We Be Chosen?

A Good Digital Marketing Strategy-

The digital marketing agencies of Siliguri falls short of us in terms of the strategies and ideas that we generate. This in turn helps our clients to draw the maximum traffic to their websites.

A Thorough Analysis-

We are always analyzing client businesses in detail. Digital agencies of Siliguri does not perform this effectively that can yield a trackable result. Our clients are always able to track campaigns with timely reports.

Full Spectrum of Digital Marketing-

Any other marketing agency of Siliguri offering digital services will not have the complete spectrum that we otherwise offer. So, under one roof, we go on to offer SEO, SMO, PPC, branding and advertising services.

Team Involvement-

The digital marketing agencies of Siliguri often do not have team involvement in any digital projects like we do. Our expertise and team involvement comes from excellent strategy building and ease of implementation. Each team member is aware of individual work that later brings on the best of results for the client.

Ability to Optimize-

We are constantly adapting and optimizing in accordance of client presence in the digital platforms. This is inclusive of social media platforms and the websites. On the other hand, the digital marketing agencies of Siliguri function by assumption and that may fail to bring optimum results.

Always a Boost-

We know well how strategies are important for our clients. Unlike other digital and advertising agencies of Siliguri, we are always going for plans that can help a client business attract the maximum number of leads.

How Our Branding is better than the digital Agencies of Siliguri?

Brand Marketing is a task we take on a very serious note. We try to bring our client brands in the best of light. The better we are able to outline a brand’s story, the better are its chances to grab attention in the market. We normally carry out the following tasks in terms of branding and marketing;

Effective Analysis of Industry and Competitors-

This is a task we do better than the ad agencies of Siliguri. A strong brand identity helps build business foundations from the base. Thus we take to research thoroughly the industry and the competitors for our clients.

Identity Revival-

We surely know our way and the steps that lead to proper brand identity revival for a client. A good identity creation goes a long way in securing a place for the brand.

Linking Brand Identity with client business-

Just another special aspect of ours over the digital agencies of Siliguri, and that is the ability to represent client business effectively in their brands. Right from the creation of logos, taglines and images, we ensure brands do not shift away from their true identity.

Knowing All About Brands

As an agency doing better work than other digital marketing agencies of Siliguri, we tend to help our clients with a brief know how on brands. For instance;

Brand Image for Consumers-

This is an essentiality which we always underline as an agency. A brand image stands for instant brand recognition by a consumer. The better the brand image identification, the more successful is the marketing strategy for a business.


The brand identity is the way the world perceives a particular brand. This ranges right from company mission to customer expectations. The aggregate of brand identity happens to include the personality of the client brand to the final market positioning and how well it goes with the brand’s vision.

Strategy Formulation:

We are a successful agency over many other digital marketing agencies of Siliguri simply for the fact; we understand our client brands well enough to create perfect strategies.

Brand development:

The placement of a brand rightly in the market is known as Brand development. Our attention and care remains constant for a client brand that has a place in the market and is serving end-users.

Our Offerings over other ad agencies of Siliguri:

Our claim to be one of the best advertising, digital marketing cum branding agencies comes with the following services;
• Creative Services
• Pay Per Click Services (PPC)
• E-Commerce & CRO
• Mobile Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Search Media Optimization (SMO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Web Development and
• Web Analytics.


From the above few points, it is easy to draw this conclusion, ‘Be the Bee’ is worth every bit over the digital marketing agencies of Siliguri.