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Best Advertising, Branding & Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata

Choosing the best ad agencies in Kolkata involves a bit of study and planning from the client’s end. While advertising agencies in Kolkata are quite a few, there are the ones which stand out simply on the quality they offer and the ideas they generate. We at Be the Bee is one of a kind agency, which can create and also break stereotype rules for clients.

Best Advertising Agency in Kolkata:

Why do we claim ourselves as one of the best ad agencies of Kolkata? We have a focus centric approach that takes care of advertising, branding and digital aspects of client projects. Our diverse range of services comes from all the experience we have in the field with a very effective team at work.

How Do we Help Our Clients Stand Out?

Our existence is essential to every advertiser. Companies who are looking forward to market their products or services have to have our involvement, as one of the best Advertising agencies of Kolkata. As has been the age old practice over the years, companies need assistance from agencies like us in order to flourish and spread the business. We have the following to share from our repertoire;

The best strategies of Digital marketing –

When we take up the digital marketing services for our clients, the focus remains centric on driving in the maximum traffic.

Total analysis of client business-

We strategize for our clients by knowing their business inside out.

Complete scale of digital marketing-

We have all the solutions of digital marketing under one roof. This includes SMO, SEO, PPC, branding and advertising.

Team expertise and dedication-

Our team has every experience of working in the digital spectrum utilizing the best of strategies.

Utilization of all digital platforms-

We believe in optimization. This optimization is necessary to draw the maximum results from social media platforms.

Lending excellent capacity to boost –

All the ideas we share and the strategies we formulate have one goal of attracting the maximum lead for clients.

Our Services


Hiring us as one of the best digital marketing agencies of Kolkata enables organizations to exercise liberty. Such freedom may be absent if companies choose to go direct instead of hiring us. We as a marketing agency of Kolkata can be quite advantageous in the following ways;


• We as one of the Ad-agencies of Kolkata have sufficient in-house expertise to offer. Since our employees are all specialists in various domains of the marketing function. It is quite impossible for any business owner to know every details of a marketing job. We as one of the best Advertising agencies of Kolkata thus help bring on a collective effort.


• Choicest of deals. Our existence as one of the best digital marketing agencies of Kolkata is not under any additional pressure to sell all our ideas to clients. We always have in mind the success of our clients. Thus only those of our ideas go to the clients that make sense in terms of business.


We as a marketing agency of Kolkata will consider our work a success only if our client benefits from that work. The longer our client-agency relationship, the more successful we consider our work.


How Well Do We Do Brand Marketing as an Ad Agency of Kolkata?

We also try to tell a success story of all our client brands. We are able to do this effectively as one of the best advertising agencies of Kolkata for thein-depthwork we do. It is always our focus to let our client brands achieve the reach to potential customer segments. We work with brands inclusive of the following strategy making functionalities.

Knowing Competitors-

As the best marketing agency of Kolkata, we always study the market, the industry and the competitors of our client brands in detail. All of this helps in proper placement of our brands.

Bringing Back-

We as an agency know exactly the steps that can bring back a brand’s identity. Brand Revival is a task that we do with excellent success rate. Revival helps a brand to reestablish its place in the market grabbing once again the attention of end-users.

Identity In –Tune with business-

Our work primarily focuses to see the brands we are working with are representing client businesses properly. Proper positioning inclusive of the right logo, tagline, images and others we ensure the right brand image goes up in other platforms and websites.

How Do We Define Brand Identity?


As a marketing agency of Kolkata, we consider it as our responsibility to define the know-how of Brand Identity to our clients. Hence, the main instruments of Brand Identity are as follows;

Brand Image-

The main way a brand makes its way into a consumer’s conscience. The image of a specific brand is a reflection how successful is the strategies of branding behind it.

Brand Identity-

This is the way of expressing a brand to the world. It is inclusive of a brand’s image, appeal and possible future. The better the overall brad identity, the more are the chances of reach to consumers.


Our work of building strategies for a client brand comprises of the basic structure of company principles. Successful brand strategies come from careful understanding of the client companies.

Development of Brand-

We understand very well, brand development is a continuous process. Therefore as one of the best digital agencies of Kolkata our focus remains on the gradual improvement of client brands with proper strategy in place.

Our Offerings as a Marketing Agency of Kolkata

As one of the best digital marketing agencies of Kolkata, our services on offer are;

• The Pay Per Click Services (PPC)
• Mobile marketing
• Various creative services
• CRO& E-commerce
• Social Media Optimization (SMO)
• Search engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Web Development
• Web Analytics
and others.